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Wide Front A-ARMS Black

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Wide Front A-arms for the Traxxas e-Rustler & Stampede 2wd - Black 

Are you looking to add some serious stability to your electric Rustler or Stampede 2wd? Look no further! RPM has a new set of wide front A-arms that will push your front wheels out there almost 1-1/4" (31.8mm) of total width for some serious stability-adding performance. RPM's Wide Front A-arms extend the front width by exactly the difference in offset between the front and rear wheels. All you need to do is get a second set of "front" wheels and bolt them to the rear to align the front and rear tires and you're good to go! No expensive prefabricated widening kits or time-consuming conversions. It's as easy as replacing your stock A-arms with RPM wide A-arms, swap the turnbuckles and camber links for longer versions and bolt on a new set of rear wheels! It couldn't be easier. 

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