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Metric Exhaust Header & Manifold Bolts

MR. GASKET  |  Part# MRG-978G

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  • Title - Mr Gasket - HEADER BLT SCKT HDM8XM25L 16PC

Header Bolt - 8 MM X 1.25 Thread - 0.985 In Long - Hex Head - Chromoly - Black Oxide - GM LS-SERIES/FORD MODULAR/MOPAR Modular HEMI - Set Of 16


Available in hex head or socket head designs. The hex head is designed for easy installation of headers and heat-treated for extra strength. The special washer faced, smaller-than-standard hex head is ideal for tight spaces. Or save time, work and solve the impossible tightening problems of some header installations with socket head bolts. They help to eliminate improper gasket seal. Various sizes available in each type of bolt.