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1IN Air Cleaner Spacer

MR. GASKET  |  Part# MRG-9341

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  • Title - Mr Gasket - 1.00 in AIR CLEANER SPACER

Air Cleaner Spacer - 1 In Thick - 5-1/8 In Carb Flange - Plastic - Black - Each



Air cleaner risers allow additional clearance between the carburetor and air cleaner for specialty carburetor linkage, competition carburetor return spring kits, and modified, larger than stock, fuel lines. Risers are available in a variety of height options for most high performance factory and aftermarket air cleaners. Air cleaner risers are designed to fit 2 or 4 barrel and throttle body fuel-injected carburetors with 5 1/8 inch diameter inlet. Made from high impact plastic for precise fit, strength and durability. Available in 1/2, 1, 1 1/2 and 2 inch height.