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Holley Spread Bore Gaske

MR. GASKET  |  Part# MRG-58E

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  • Title - Mr Gasket - CARB GSKT HOLLEY SPREAD BR

Carburetor Base Plate Gasket - 4 Barrel - Open - Composite - Spread Bore - Each



Throttle Bores. 4-hole gasket design. Gasket thickness .058in. Bulk packaged, can be purchased individually or master-pack of 10 pcs. Made from cellulose/nitrile composition gasket material. Provides excellent sealing and durability for all fuel (alcohol and gasoline) applications. Precision die-cut for excellent fit and seal. Seals using low flange pressure (clamp force), conforms to and seals any imperfections on sealing surfaces. Releases easily (no gasket scrapping required), will not stick to carburetor base or intake manifold mating surfaces.