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87-92 SBC VLV CVR Gskt

MR. GASKET  |  Part# MRG-168

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  • Title - Mr Gasket - VLV CVR GSKT SB CHEV 87-97

Valve Cover Gasket - 0.188 In Thick - CORK/RUBBER - Center Bolt - Small Block Chevy - Pair



Thick, molded rubber with steel carrier. Manufactured from high-density cork and rubber blend gasket material. A black latex rubber coating is applied to outside of gasket to help seal minor flange irregularities and eliminate the possibility of oil leakage. Creates a positive seal by controlled swelling of the gasket material when exposed to hot engine oil. Available in standard or extra thick to provide additional valve train to cover clearance. For OE replacement, high performance street, drag race and oval track.